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tExtended Conversations Series: RESTER OY

In today’s episode of our Conversations series, where we meet project partners and we discuss about their work in tExtended, we spoke with Kirsi Jaakkola from Rester Oy, a Finnish recycling company, who talked with us about the challenges of the project but also the enthusiasm that working with our European partners bring.

My name is Kirsi Jaakkola, I am R&D Manager at Rester Oy. Rester is located at Paimio, in southwest Finland. 

As Rester is a company that deals with used B&B textile streams, we are involved in tasks concerning digital tools and technologies to develop better identification and sorting, and in creating bigger scale demonstrators for the project.

I like the big challenge of the project’s planned result: how to be able to significantly increase the amount of textiles that could be recycled. As I have a background in textile engineering, I also like the perspective that the research institute partners give to this project, and also all their knowledge and research possibilities that are available for us. 

We are an important partner for the implementation of the real scale demonstrators: we can give practical, real-life contributions and feedback from the markets to this project.

The variety of all textile materials, especially mixed materials and how the end results can be moved to bigger scale practices in real-life. 

I have been thrilled since the start by the level of enthusiasm of all European partners within the project, how people are committed to the tasks and willing to help and support each other. It has also been great to learn what production possibilities and facilities we have in Europe. Personally, I have learned great much about NIR-technologies and its possibilities. 

Challenge creates solutions. 

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