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tExtended Conversations Series: ERT

Today we continue with our Conversations Series, where we speak with project partners about interesting details on their work in the project. Today we are speaking with David Macário from ERT Têxtil Portugal, with whom we talked about his role in tExtended and what he is enjoying the most about working with us.

I am David Macário, and work at ERT as Innovation manager. My background is in Electronics Engineering and my work career was mainly focused on research, product development and engineering management.  

ERT is based on Portugal in São João da Madeira, near Porto, where the headquarters and the research and innovation lab are located. Our core business is the production of textile laminates for automotive interiors and other technical applications. We also have a production line for polyurethane injection.

ERT is an industrial partner and contributes to tExtended as an active supplier of textile residues and requirements, that enable the recovery and recycling processes trials. On the forefront, ERT will have an active participation in some of the real-scale demonstrators, namely for automotive applications. 

The good management and efficient interaction between partners in the consortium with share of very relevant knowledge in the field of textile sustainability is an important milestone for ERT growth. 

As an industrial partner, ERT is very interested on textile sustainability issues to provide the best products and solutions for our clients demands. The group produces large amounts of scraps from laminates textile materials, the composite nature of these residues creates an interesting challenge for circularity and rejuvenation. 

In my opinion, the implementation of the real-scale demonstrators, using recycled materials with a high TRL. It will require a great deal of coordination and engagement from all the partners. 

Surely good practices on the management and interaction between partners. Also, on the newest technologies to recycle polymers. 

Sustainability, circularity, and future. 

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