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tExtended Conversations Series: PUrfi

In our new instalment of our conversations series today we are speaking with Koen De Ruyck, from PurFi Belgium, a unique textile recycler that produces rejuvenated fibres from textile waste. We discussed with Koen about their role in tExtended and how working in this European project will be beneficial for their work.

My name is Koen De Ruyck, the general manager of PurFi Belgium. I’m a Textile Engineer with a focus on Soft Mechanical Recycling in Belgium for Europe.

We are working on real cases to put Post-Industrial and Post-Consumer waste back into new fibers, so that we can produce similar products, as the original product, again, via our Re-Juvenation technology. 

Helping Europe and the whole Textile business to reduce the whole textile waste ‘mountain’. 

Because we have a unique technology of Re-Juvenation, so we can focus on the upgrading of the recycled waste… and NOT on downcycling. 

I see a lot of projects in the EU, and I think it would be great if we can bring all the know-how together. We also have to push the EU political people to move on with the clear strategy and timing for the whole circular Textile future!  

We have to focus on small steps, but with practical results and examples. No theory, but real results. 

Interesting, EU-Team, Positive Spirit  

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