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tExtended Conversations Series: NARA-sk

Today we are bringing you a new episode of our Conversation series, where we meet project partners and we discuss together about their involvement in the project. This time we spoke with Dominika Fugger from NARA-SK, our Slovakian partner, who shared with us what she enjoys the most of tExtended and of working with our international partnership.

Hello! My name is Dominika Fugger and I am an international project coordinator for National recycling agency of Slovakia. We are based in the middle of Slovakia, the heart of Europe, in the town of Zvolen. 

We have two main tasks. 

One will be performing the replication potential study in our central-eastern part of Europe, mainly in the countries of Slovakia and Czech Republic. 

The other task is leading the development of the training materials targeted to cover the new emerging textile industries connected to textile sorting and recycling within the twin transition of the EU. 

We really like the high level of professionality that runs throughout the project. Even during the preparation phase and continuously on, the management of the lead partner is outstanding, and it brings good cooperation and results. It connects various partners with different backgrounds and the project leader skillfully finds how each of the partners can contribute toward the common goal. 

We have a considerable history in the field of Circular economy, and we are pioneers in this topic in Slovakia. We bring vision and solutions in the concept of regional hubs for circular economy to various platforms, we are members of working groups creating legislation bases for waste and circular management and we have extensive network of partners and collaborators based on the quadruple helix model of collaboration.  

We have participated in various national and ERASMUS+ project where we created Circular economy related educational materials.  

The challenge we see is to unite on the basis of the European Union in the creation of new textile legislation on joint conclusions with other stakeholders and projects, that more than focusing on waste flows, we should focus on new sustainable product flows. 

I have learnt that to set up a sustainable working industrial (textile) ecosystem requires collaboration of all its actors across the value chain, together with the policy makers and general public as end users. We all need to work towards the same goal and put the Planet before the Business. 

Textile industry revolution 😊  

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