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19th Ave New York, NY 95822, USA

Brief Biography of Partner

De Kringloopwinkel is a social profit company which locally collects, sorts and sells all kinds preloved goods: clothes, furniture, decoration, household goods, bicycles, electrical appliances, … Besides re-use we also take initiatives regarding lifetime extension of goods.

De Kringloopwinkel has 7 shops and 2 outlet stores where we sell our goods at a fair and affordable price.

We employ about 300 people. The majority of them is distanced from the (regular) labour market. Thanks to our circular activities we are able to give them a job and offer them the chance to (re)integrate and participate in society.

Partner’s Role

De Kringloopwinkel’s role is to provide textiles for the project, which allows the other partners to do the necessary research. They will investigate how their own sorting process can or must be adapted for more efficient sorting in function of recycling the discarded fractions.

They will also investigate new channels for collecting clothes and textiles, and for selling them as well.

In order to increase the incoming flow of textiles, De Kringloopwinkel will set up an awareness campaign on the importance of recycling clothing. In general, they will exchange data on results of the projects and develop training tools for sorting (among others) and create digital tools for training and instruction.