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Our partner Têxteis J.F. Almeida, S.A. (JFA), based in Guimarães in Portugal, has recently published their sustainability report, available on their website.

The report mentions tExtended: it is part of the work done by J. F. Almeida oriented towards innovation in sustainability theme. Specifically, the company is working in tExtended to be one of the project demonstrators, thanks to its textile verticality with a modern and very diversified machine park, that will be available for the most diverse tests and trials.

JFA has been making a constant commitment to sustainability in order to reduce its ecological footprint and present its clients with increasingly sustainable products, introducing concepts, products, and processes continually reviewed to ensure strict sustainability criteria.

To support this behaviour, the report focuses on the values guiding the company to commit their effort to a more sustainable future in product development, management, and operation, illustrated through the ESG (Environment, Social, Governance) framework, that shapes the work undertaken at JFA.

The report also sheds light on the work done on raising awareness about environmental challenges, investing, and developing methods that allow for decarbonisation and the transition to more sustainable production models.

Read the whole report on their website: Our sustainable way

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