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tExtended is a member of ECOSYSTEX, the European Community of Practice for a Sustainable Textile Ecosystem, has been formally launched in early 2023, with a mission to accelerate collaboration in the textile sustainability and circularity field.

As a joint initiative of the European Commission’s Research Executive Agency (REA), the European Health and Digital Executive Agency (HaDEA) and the Circular-Biobased Europe Joint Undertaking, and facilitated by the Textile ETP, this new network of textile circularity projects aims to create a long-term community of practice, ensuring collaboration across project consortia and lasting beyond the individual projects’ durations.

The first ECOSYSTEX conference will take place in Barcelona, Spain, on 18-20 October, and it will bridge the gap between EU-backed textile research and the thriving sustainable textile industry. The conference will bring together a diverse community of researchers, industry leaders, and policymakers who are committed to driving innovation and sustainability in the textile sector.

Find a more detailed agenda and information on how to participate here.

To learn more about tExtended and the partners involved, see our About the Project and our Project Partners sections of the website.

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